What is Yoga, Anyway?

The recent New York Times article gives us a window into the diversity of modern yoga.  Somewhere underlying the myriad styles and points of view are commonalities that all yogis share.  And these commonalities are slowly evolving – a cultural kaleidoscope turning in slow motion.

Yoga therapist Doug Keller observes the seeds of a deep change in the practice of yoga poses.  The emerging yoga, he says, is guided by a modern scientific understanding of human physiology.

Will the new yoga incorporate elements of physical therapy, with yoga trainers being studying anatomy before standing in front of a class?  We think so.  It’s interesting to think about how yoga has changed, and what else might be in the future.  Here are some interesting tidbits to consider, some crystals in the kaleidoscope.

One prognosticator’s quick and lively view into the top wellness trends of 2012, in which yoga figures heavily.

And – check your rear-view mirror – did you know Raquel Welch  practiced advanced Bikram Yoga yoga way back in the 80s?  Besides her mile-wide smile, Ms. Welch demonstrates some amazing yoga poses in her Total Beauty and Fitness video.  Fast forward 25 minutes into the video…

And looking through our yoga-scope over the news of the past few weeks, we see the ancient practice reaching into unexpected places in our culture.  Here’s an 11 year old who is certified as a yoga instructor (is this good news?) and a story about yoga for homeless Montrealers.

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