Fay Sutherland, E-RYT

Fay Sutherland

Fay founded Dancing Crow Yoga with her husband Mid Walsh in 2010 after moving to Hingham in 2008 and after an exciting 20-year career in public television at WGBH/Boston. A yoga student and practitioner for over 20 years, she has had a lifelong love of movement and a deep interest in spirituality, meditation, dreams, Consciousness, psychology and shamanism.  Creative expression through movement is a passion she first experienced during dance classes at age four and continued throughout her life in Modern, African and Contact Improvisation dance as well as martial arts.

Fay’s teaching is informed by her personal yoga practice of asana, pranayama and meditation, by anatomical alignment principles and good bio-mechanics, and the rhythmic flow of the breath… also by her love of a good belly laugh, interesting music, and improvisational dance.  She strives to provide insightful, dynamic yoga instruction to increase strength, flexibility and balance, while also promoting Self-awareness, internal stillness and freedom.

Fay received her first yoga teaching certification through Yogaworks and Natasha Rizpoulos.  Currently, she’s a student of ParaYoga, a Tantric lineage taught by Rod Stryker and has been greatly influenced by many of yoga’s senior teachers and bright lights such as Barbara Benagh, Peentz Dubble, Doug Keller, Judith Lasater, Angela Farmer, Tias Little, Richard Freeman, Marc St Pierre and, Patricia Walden.