What Do You Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Yoga?

We all know that the only way to realize the deep benefits of yoga is by doing it consistently over a long period of time.  But do you ever have a period of time when your mat just isn’t where … Continue reading

Ann Dowd on Tadaaaa!sana

Tadaaaa-sana! Tadasana, from the outside, seems like the simplest of all yoga postures.  After all, you’re standing upright – right?  What could be easier? Sometimes called “Mountain Pose,” Tadasana is uncomplicated in form, but is in fact a complex posture, … Continue reading

Mary Alice on Tadasana

Tadasana is a deceptively simple posture.  It can appear to be merely “standing” but once we begin to engage our muscles, Tadasana can become a posture that expresses the ideas of stability and freedom, simultaneously.  When we stand in Mountain … Continue reading

7 Pointers from Our Teachers: Tadasana

1. The primary alignment goal in Tadasana is balance: the balance of the body upon the earth and against itself; a balance between energy rooting down and expanding upward; and the balance of effort and surrender while in the posture.  … Continue reading

Keep ‘em Rolling…

Yoga classes are often the first part of a yoga practice, and they can be an important anchor for the practice and source of community. But practicing at home can be a powerful way to supplement your classes, to keep … Continue reading

Healthy Pain or Stealthy Injury: Which is Which?

This excerpt from The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery by Sage Rountree provides some quick and simple criteria for distinguishing healthy aches from potential injuries.  Read on, and remember that persistent or acute pain is something that you should discuss with … Continue reading

Thanks for the Complement! Adding Yoga to Your Other Forms of Exercise

One meaning of the word “yoga” is “integration”  and yoga poses are extremely effective when combined with conventional exercise in integrated platform for health. Here are some surprising observations…. The first video below makes a surprising assertion about how much exercise … Continue reading

Give it a Rest!

“The stresses of modern civilisation are a strain on the nerves, for which Savasana is the best antidote.”  –  Light on Yoga Light on yoga makes an ambitious claim for savasana, and it may well be true.  More than the … Continue reading

7 Things You Can Do…

Concerned about injuring yourself when you do yoga?  This may help: the collective wisdom from several of us Dancing Crow teachers boiled down to one digestible list of 7 things to remember… 1.       Listen to the wisdom in your body.  … Continue reading

How to do ujjayi breath

Here’s how to do ujjayi breathing, in four simple steps: Exhale the word “haaaa”  in a prolonged whisper.  If your voice sounds like distant applause or faraway surf, you’ve got it.  If not, then hold your hand in front of … Continue reading