The ups and downs of your yoga practice

In each of our “Food for your Practice” newsletters, we ask our teachers to share their observations about some aspect of their practice of yoga.  This issue marking the return of our newsletters after a period of lying fallow, the … Continue reading

Introduction to the Yamas and Niyamas

 It strikes me as a kind of grace when time, which can be so ruthless, seems instead to align and perfect something beautiful.  Wines grow richer in the cask, eons make a river stone smooth, my father was sweeter and … Continue reading

Happy Yoga Birthday to Me by Cathleen O’Connell

So my yoga birthday is coming up. (Yes, some of us yogi types keep track of such things). This November I’ll have been practicing for 10 years and I’ve been thinking about how to commemorate the anniversary. I love tracking … Continue reading

Reflections on (and of) a foreign word

We must be back in Sunday school. I’m sitting on my blanket on the floor, obediently falling silent and closing my eyes when the teacher instructs me to. I intone quietly along with my classmates and wait for the calm … Continue reading

Effort, Ease, and Grace

My two favorite extra-curricular activities are trying to teach me something lately, and I have the feeling their lesson may apply elsewhere in my life. At about this time last year I began playing music with a couple of friends … Continue reading

My perfect afternoon…

A few Sundays ago I saw the Dalai Lama speak in Boston. What a surprise!!! I had never seen him before, but based on what I had read I expected it to be inspirational, a real tune-up for the soul.  … Continue reading

What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

What obstacles prevent you from getting the most out of your yoga practice?  We asked our teachers what restrictions they most often see in their students. Some of their answers may surprise you. (Hint: it’s not about getting the pose … Continue reading

Pantanjali’s 7 Oars for “Rowing” Through Hard Times

I’ve spent my share of time on a therapist’s couch untangling knots in my brain. It was  time well spent, a worthwhile if expensive self-exploration.  But nothing a therapist ever said was as helpful to me as seven simple verses from … Continue reading

Not Stealing

As a kid I once pocketed the change and bills I saw on the tables in a restaurant.  I thought the world inexplicably kind that day, and I didn’t think to ask whether the money belonged to someone.  If I … Continue reading


Non-harming is the first practice on the list, a sign at the outer perimeter of the territory of the first ten practices of yoga.  “Entering Non-harming Population: TBD” The countryside is initially familiar, with little to distinguish it from the … Continue reading