What poses or group of poses do you tend to avoid?

In yoga sutra II.3,  Patanjali tells us that one of the five main causes of suffering ( kleshas)  is dvesha, translated from the Sanskrit as aversion, repulsion or avoidance.  Taken to extremes, avoidance can do ourselves or others harm.  We asked … Continue reading

Reasons to pay attention to alignment

What’s all the hoohaa about alignment in yoga poses?  When I first started doing yoga, all I wanted to do was stretch some, sweat some, savasana some, and scram! (The “seven S” style of yoga.)  And as for working on … Continue reading

Tricks for checking your alignment at home

Sometimes it’s fun to approach asanas playfully, and there’s no better place to do this than at home, using common household props to work on alignment.  Here are some tips…  Use a mirror Find the fullest-length mirror in your house.  … Continue reading

There’s no place like home: Scrumptious Savasana

A few simple movements that make savasana even more satisfying, either at home or in the studio…. Rather than thinking of savasana as the end of practice, approach it as the beginning of a process, an “internal asana”.  The process … Continue reading


The information about shoulderstand comes from the following sources: Light on Yoga  by B.K.S. Iyengar, and Yoga, a Gem for Women by Geeta Iyengar both provide a list of shoulderstand’s potential benefits and counterdications based on their experience with thousands … Continue reading

Mary Alice on Shoulderstand

Shoulder stand can be an uncomfortable posture.  For some of us, it may provide sensations that we don’t wish to feel, like in our neck; for others, it can be a challenge to begin to invert.  Most of us can … Continue reading

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

In shoulderstand, we all look like giants – at least to ourselves, as we look up at our two feet towering above us.  Here are seven ways to bring the queenly pose of shoulderstand into your practice, one small step … Continue reading

Shoulderstand: Why Do It?

Shoulderstand is a great pose – some yogis say it’s the most important one of all.  But it’s clear that not everyone should do it.  Read on for a quick drive down both sides of the road. Benefits Here are … Continue reading

Why is it So Hard?

Shoulderstand can calm and revitalize us, very deeply.  But it’s also hard work, especially when we’re first learning. The pose can require months or even years of practice before the full and delicious benefits arrive.  Fortunately many of these benefits … Continue reading

What Makes it Work?

We’ve all heard of the “fight or flight” response, where the heart races, breath accelerates, and  adrenaline floods our muscles.  The “rest and digest” response is its opposite number. When we assume the “rest and digest” response our respiratory, circulatory, … Continue reading