5 Minute Calming Pose with Kim (video)

Stress getting to you? Try five minutes in this pose, and you may feel like a new person…

61 Points Meditation (audio)

Mid’s voice guides you through a deeply calming meditation.  It’s a classic meditation technique – easy to learn, and you can take it with you wherever you go.  After a  preparatory explanation, the actual meditation begins at 2:09, two minutes … Continue reading

Home Practice: The Pause That Refreshes

Right across from my office in Boston stands the historic Trinity Church, its ornate spires reflected in the simple planes of the Hancock Building.  I find it beautiful to regard, but I don’t have compelling reasons to go inside. I … Continue reading

There’s no place like home: Scrumptious Savasana

A few simple movements that make savasana even more satisfying, either at home or in the studio…. Rather than thinking of savasana as the end of practice, approach it as the beginning of a process, an “internal asana”.  The process … Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home

Responding to the popularity of our “7 tips” article on keeping your practice rolling between classes, we’ll have a regular feature here on doing yoga at home. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, a home practice is one … Continue reading

Good Habits

The habit of caring for ourselves can have surprising collateral effects, as you’ll see in the brief clips below. The founder of Curvy Yoga* talks about the snowballing effect of repeatedly doing something that is good for you – which … Continue reading

7 Pointers from Our Teachers: Tadasana

1. The primary alignment goal in Tadasana is balance: the balance of the body upon the earth and against itself; a balance between energy rooting down and expanding upward; and the balance of effort and surrender while in the posture.  … Continue reading

Keep ‘em Rolling…

Yoga classes are often the first part of a yoga practice, and they can be an important anchor for the practice and source of community. But practicing at home can be a powerful way to supplement your classes, to keep … Continue reading

Thanks for the Complement! Adding Yoga to Your Other Forms of Exercise

One meaning of the word “yoga” is “integration”  and yoga poses are extremely effective when combined with conventional exercise in integrated platform for health. Here are some surprising observations…. The first video below makes a surprising assertion about how much exercise … Continue reading

Don’t Leave Home Without It: How to Keep Yoga by Your Side

Besides walking, yoga poses may be the easiest form of exercise to take with you when you’re away from home.  Here are some approaches that you may find useful. This article has some good ideas for using your yoga skills … Continue reading