Scoliosis workshop at Down Under Yoga

Down Under Yoga, located about 45 minutes from us in Newtonville Mass (just off 128), is hosting a workshop focusing on yoga for scoliosis over the weekend of June 1st. Its aimed at yoga students who have scoliosis as well … Continue reading

Shoulderstand: Why Do It?

Shoulderstand is a great pose – some yogis say it’s the most important one of all.  But it’s clear that not everyone should do it.  Read on for a quick drive down both sides of the road. Benefits Here are … Continue reading

Why is it So Hard?

Shoulderstand can calm and revitalize us, very deeply.  But it’s also hard work, especially when we’re first learning. The pose can require months or even years of practice before the full and delicious benefits arrive.  Fortunately many of these benefits … Continue reading

What Makes it Work?

We’ve all heard of the “fight or flight” response, where the heart races, breath accelerates, and  adrenaline floods our muscles.  The “rest and digest” response is its opposite number. When we assume the “rest and digest” response our respiratory, circulatory, … Continue reading