It’s only a numbers game.

Here are a couple of numbers puzzles to meditate on.  For answers, follow the links at the bottom of the page. Big deal! In Hindu numerology, the number 108 is considered to have mystical powers.  Could this be because it … Continue reading

Clues to It’s a Numbers Game

Big deal! Besides its many other amazing qualities , the number 108 is the product of 0 to the 0th power, 1 to the 1st , 2 to the 2nd power, and 3 to the 3rd power.  Extending the pattern of … Continue reading

It’s Only a Game

The yamas and niyamas, in two words (Click here for the solution to our last puzzle and to learn who won the prizes for best answer.) Yoga’s ethical principles shape the way we do poses, and they can help us … Continue reading

Crossword puzzle answers

Here is the infamous first DCY crossword puzzle, followed by the answers.  Congratulations to Penny Brindleyj, who amazingly nailed all but one word and to Patricia Mahan for turning in the first (and valiant!) response. They’ll each get the grand … Continue reading

May is Weymouth month at Dancing Crow Yoga

Did you know that five Weymouth is the city with most Medal of Honor recipients in the United States? We’d like more people from that great town to learn about our studio! So, we’re designating May as Weymouth Month at Dancing Crow … Continue reading

How (not!) to meditate ( a clip from 30 Rock)

Ever tried to meditate? If so, you may like this clip of Jack Donahey (Alec Baldwin) meditating in his office. Even (ummm….make that especially) experienced meditators will sympathize with Jack’s experience!  

Crowsword Puzzle

OK, we’re going out on a limb…here’s are link to the first DCY crossword puzzle! (It’s all yoga, baby. In Excel or pdf).   Prizes to anyone who gives it a whirl, and $25 credit in the DCY retail store for … Continue reading

Dr. Seuss Sutras Contest

If you read Dr. Seuss books growing up or have ever read one to a child, you know there’s magic in them.  His writing is so true and simple that children immediately understand it.  At its heart, yoga is also … Continue reading