Yoga PhD – a treat for the analytical yogi

If Lieutenant Columbo ever wrote a book about yoga, it would read like Yoga PhD.  Perusing the culture of modern American yoga with Carol Horton, we’re intrigued by nearly everything we see: “spiritual” lines of clothing promoted by manifestly soul-less … Continue reading

A Snapshot of What We’re All Doing

21st Century Yoga brings into a single volume ten fresh and unique essays from modern American yoga practitioners.  To someone who does yoga the facts in the essays are  as invigorating and familiar as tadasana.  But like asanas, these essays … Continue reading

Where Nikki stands with respect to recent events involving John Friend and Anusara Inc.

Here’s a letter from Dancing Crow Yoga teacher and senior Anusara instructor Nikki Jacobs. Dear Ones This letter is in response to the controversy now surrounding John Friend and Anusara Inc.  In February, an anonymous website accused John of illicit … Continue reading

What’s New?

No current view of modern yoga could be complete without mentioning the recent Armageddon at Anusara.  John Friend, the charismatic creator of the inspiring and comprehensive Anusara yoga methodology, has agreed to no longer lead the huge yoga community he … Continue reading

What is Yoga, Anyway?

The recent New York Times article gives us a window into the diversity of modern yoga.  Somewhere underlying the myriad styles and points of view are commonalities that all yogis share.  And these commonalities are slowly evolving – a cultural … Continue reading

Yoga for dudes

2012 may be the year you start dragging your butt to the yoga studio more often, my friend.  Make sure you get picked for Adam and Tim’s team, not Elvis’s.  Have a look below. Tim Thomas Adam Levine Chauncey Billups … Continue reading

What is yoga?

What do inmates of a Mexican juvenile detention center, this depression-era Indian, a Canadian soldieress, and you and we have in common?  You guessed it.  We were particularly moved by this photo essay of Mexican juvenile delinquents doing yoga, and … Continue reading

Hey you! The guy doing yoga!

Dude, you may well be the vanguard of the battalion to come. Get this, from the past few weeks… …an article about “broga” in the Boston Globe …the NBC news clip below about yoga and college hockey in Minnesota …a … Continue reading

What is yoga anyway, and why do we keep doing it?

Is yoga a stretchy kid above doing asana-breakdancing ?  The ordinary folks below doing the rhumba in the supermarket?  The New Jersey nonogenarian and yoga teacher further down who studied with two of the most influential yogis in history?  A … Continue reading

Ahimsa for dudes

I do my best not to hurt people, I really do. I don’t kick dogs, I usually don’t eat meat unconsciously; I try not to harm the environment… ( OK, OK.  There isn’t a North American living who doesn’t harm … Continue reading