Why, why, why ujjayi?

            No matter what kind of yoga you do or where you do it, the instructor will probably say something about breathing. Traditionally called “ujjayi,” the classic yoga breathing also goes by the name “Ocean” … Continue reading

How to do ujjayi breath

Here’s how to do ujjayi breathing, in four simple steps: Exhale the word “haaaa”  in a prolonged whisper.  If your voice sounds like distant applause or faraway surf, you’ve got it.  If not, then hold your hand in front of … Continue reading

Points of the compass breathing meditation

            Here’s a simple breathing meditation that uses the sensitive skin of the nostrils as a focus for the attention. Close your eyes and breathe through your nose for a minute or two. Pay particular … Continue reading

Why Yogis Breathe through the Nose

Oh, NO! Photo: Want to know some of the science behind all the breathing-through-the-nose business in yoga? The answer is no! Yes, it’s nitric oxide (NO), a wonder-chemical your sinuses produce during nasal breathing, breath retention, and humming. Say “ommmmm;”  the buzzing … Continue reading