The Radiance Sutras

Here’s an excerpt from a wonderful new book we’ve found – a collection of beautiful poems in the yogic tradition, written in Sanskrit in the Middle Ages.  I you like it, this interview with the translator might also appeal…. The Radiance Sutras Verse … Continue reading

A Yoga Sutras Makeover

I love Patanjali‘s Yoga Sutras; I have almost as many editions as I do fingers and toes. When I heard there was a new translation and commentary of course I had to grab a copy. I’ve just finished Threads of Yoga: A Remix … Continue reading

Yoga PhD – a treat for the analytical yogi

If Lieutenant Columbo ever wrote a book about yoga, it would read like Yoga PhD.  Perusing the culture of modern American yoga with Carol Horton, we’re intrigued by nearly everything we see: “spiritual” lines of clothing promoted by manifestly soul-less … Continue reading

A Snapshot of What We’re All Doing

21st Century Yoga brings into a single volume ten fresh and unique essays from modern American yoga practitioners.  To someone who does yoga the facts in the essays are  as invigorating and familiar as tadasana.  But like asanas, these essays … Continue reading

Great yoga reads

Want to pick up a good yoga book?  Here are the ones our teachers say they can’t live without.  If you’ve got one you love, add it to the list in the comments area at the bottom of the page! … Continue reading

Success, yoga, and a famous general

A question bubbles to the top of my mind every now and then, and each time I look it takes on a different color.   Here it is: am I succeeding? I wonder if this question ever comes up for you, … Continue reading

New Book, Ancient Ideas

OK, it’s true confession time: I have a real sweet tooth.   Give me one taste of sugar and my body gets desperate for more; I would eat a hole in the wall of a Stop and Shop to get at … Continue reading

An Ancient Text with Atom-Splitting Power

Drop into any yoga class between Scituate and Sausalito and you’ll probably hear a teacher quoting the Yoga Sutras.  They’re widely (and accurately) proclaimed as a foundational text of modern yoga.  But there is another text that is much more … Continue reading

Meditations for Moms, by Dancing Crow teacher Kim Dwyer

  It’s no secret: mothers are stressed! Mums tend to be the busiest members of the house – and the most in need of a breather – whether “work” is the office or the car, kitchen, home office, and football … Continue reading

Books and movies

YOGAWOMAN won an award!  Not a surprise, it sure blew us away when we showed it at the studio last month.  If you missed it, don’t worry, we’ll be showing it again in the new year. Yoga Is  , another … Continue reading