Meditation: Teachers’ reflections on their practices

It’s no secret that meditation can dramatically change your life.  People have known for millennia and those who have committed to the practice can attest to its benefits in all areas of daily life. Scientific studies are now proving this and … Continue reading

Vitamin poses: DCY teachers’ favorite asanas

Every so often, we ask seven teachers to answer one single question.  And the latest question was, “What’s your favorite pose and why?” (Wait, maybe that’s two questions!?)  Check out their responses and feel free to add your own favorite … Continue reading

What poses or group of poses do you tend to avoid?

In yoga sutra II.3,  Patanjali tells us that one of the five main causes of suffering ( kleshas)  is dvesha, translated from the Sanskrit as aversion, repulsion or avoidance.  Taken to extremes, avoidance can do ourselves or others harm.  We asked … Continue reading

5 Minute Calming Pose with Kim (video)

Stress getting to you? Try five minutes in this pose, and you may feel like a new person…