Vitamin poses: DCY teachers’ favorite asanas

Every so often, we ask seven teachers to answer one single question.  And the latest question was, “What’s your favorite pose and why?” (Wait, maybe that’s two questions!?)  Check out their responses and feel free to add your own favorite … Continue reading

Why do yoga workshops outside a regular class? Why study with different yoga teachers?

Kate Krumsiek I continue to be hungry for knowledge about the human body – in asana, in stillness, in life – and I love nothing more than the gift of a talented teacher’s knowledge provided in a workshop. It is … Continue reading

What poses or group of poses do you tend to avoid?

In yoga sutra II.3,  Patanjali tells us that one of the five main causes of suffering ( kleshas)  is dvesha, translated from the Sanskrit as aversion, repulsion or avoidance.  Taken to extremes, avoidance can do ourselves or others harm.  We asked … Continue reading

What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

What obstacles prevent you from getting the most out of your yoga practice?  We asked our teachers what restrictions they most often see in their students. Some of their answers may surprise you. (Hint: it’s not about getting the pose … Continue reading

Mary Alice on Shoulderstand

Shoulder stand can be an uncomfortable posture.  For some of us, it may provide sensations that we don’t wish to feel, like in our neck; for others, it can be a challenge to begin to invert.  Most of us can … Continue reading

Why is it So Hard?

Shoulderstand can calm and revitalize us, very deeply.  But it’s also hard work, especially when we’re first learning. The pose can require months or even years of practice before the full and delicious benefits arrive.  Fortunately many of these benefits … Continue reading