Rates & Policies

We welcome students of all levels and all ages* to our community.  We encourage you to read our class description page to determine which class is right for you.  If you have questions, contact us at info@dancingcrowyoga.com.  Expect a prompt response from one of our teachers.

  • Smaller space alert!  Pre-registration through our website or the MINDBODY CONNECT app for mobile devices is strongly encouraged to ensure your spot in class.
  • To support your continued practice, please inform the teacher if you have any injuries, health conditions or are pregnant. This is extremely important, as some poses may need to be avoided or modified for you. Keep in mind that yoga practice should always be done under the supervision of a physician if you have an ongoing health condition.
  • Please ask questions. The teachers at Dancing Crow Yoga Teachers’ Collborative are here to help you learn, grow in your yoga practice and build our collective community.
  • Yoga feels so much better on an empty stomach, preferably 1- 3 hours after your last meal.
  • Wear comfortable yet form-fitting workout wear so your teachers can see your alignment. Yoga is practiced barefoot.
  • Please refrain from wearing heavy fragrance, as some people are either allergic or sensitive to scents.
  • Kindly turn off your cell-phones and Apple watches in the practice space.
  • A limited supply of yoga mats are available to borrow, though we recommend purchasing your own for sanitary purposes.
  • A consistent yoga practice is recommended to receive the full benefits.  The more you practice, the better you will feel, the stronger and more centered you will become.
  • If you have other questions, feel free to email us at info@dancingcrowyoga.com

* Students under the age of 18 must have the permission of a parent or guardian who will sign an insurance liability waiver on their behalf.

Class Rates

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Introductory rate
$25 for 3 classes to be used within 3 weeks

Single class drop-in $16
10 class pass $120 (must be used within 12 months)

*10 class passes are non-refundable and non-transferable and expire within one year from date of purchase.  May not be used for workshops or series.

Teens/Children under 16 years of age
Single class drop in $12

Online check-in?
We request that you sign up online before each class you plan to attend.   Please know that when reserving your spot that its being held for you and if you are not here, you will be charged. You can cancel your reservation online up to 15 minutes before the start of class.

Pre-registration for Workshops and Series?

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged and sometimes required depending on the teacher.  Please understand that workshop and series instructors need to have a minimum number of people in order to proceed.

Private Yoga Session
Please email us for availability
Rates range from $85 – $110 per session
multiple sessions available at a reduced rate

Private Yoga Class for your group
Please email us for availability and pricing details

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with Kim Dwyer
First session $110
Package of three $249

We accept cash, checks, Mastercard, Visa and Discover

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Classes – early cancel online 15 minutes prior to class start
Private Sessions –  24 hours, no exceptions
Workshops/Series –  If you are pre-registered for a workshop or series, please cancel by phoning or emailing the studio 24 hours prior to the start of the event in order to receive a refund.  No refunds will be given for failure to attend or complete a series, workshop or training.

Dancing Crow Yoga Teachers’ Collaborative reserves the right to cancel any workshop or series with low attendance, in which case, a full refund will be issued.