Getting physical

“If you want to see what your thoughts were yesterday, look at your body today. If you want to see what your body will look like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.”
– Anonymous

Doing asanas (yoga poses) we learn how the body works and how it works on the mind. Here are some interesting pieces about doing yoga poses, from an MD, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, and others….

In this article a commonsensical MD weighs in about injuries in yoga. Sure you can get injured, she says, just like you can getting out of bed!. Her article focuses on misleading reports of nerve damage in headstand, and it ends with some good advice: stay right on the crown. And, though she doesn’t say this, come right down if there’s pain in your neck.

Speaking of a pain in the neck the Wall Street Journal reported on yoga research recently, as have other esteemed publications. But the press reports of this study on yoga and back pain didn’t quite get it right. Research numbers can be misleading, and so can the press. This author summarizes the reports from the WSJ and others, with a  better balanced and better informed viewpoint than most of what we’ve read…

Calming down a bit, it’s worth noting that the press doesn’t always get it wrong. Here’s a great two-minute read in Forbes summarizing the subtle de-stressing changes that occur in your body during a yoga practice. And, going a step deeper, here’s an interesting read about the hormonal effects of feeling compassion.

What about you…do you think yoga can change our mind-body connection?

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