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No current view of modern yoga could be complete without mentioning the recent Armageddon at Anusara.  John Friend, the charismatic creator of the inspiring and comprehensive Anusara yoga methodology, has agreed to no longer lead the huge yoga community he created.  In the wake of startling revelations about his personal indiscretions, he has relinquished power to a cadre of his most senior teachers and a newly appointed CEO.  Read here for a summary; it’s industry-shaping and possibly hopeful for the future of modern yoga.  To see its personal impact, read this letter from Dancing Crow Yoga teacher Nikki Jacobs.  Nikki’s honest and thoughtful letter explains the impact these events have on her, as a senior member of the Anusara community.

As John Friend instigates growing pains in the body of yoga, a hopeful bud appears elsewhere.  Dr. Dean Ornish’s program of cardiac health makes significant use of yoga for rehabilitative and preventive care, is now covered by Medicare.  It’s a win-win all the way around – good yoga may well be the cheapest heart therapy around.  Here’s an  encouraging story about a couple using Dr. Ornish’s unique program combat to heart disease, with the help of the Federal government.

And finally, here’s another star to dangling from the necklace of movie stars using yoga to further improve their lots.  It’s Robert J. Downey Jr., featured in the January/February issue of Men’s Fitness magazine.  In his typically gritty fashion, and he has this to say about his yoga practice.  Good call, Sherlock…

“Life is really hard, and I don’t see some active benevolent force out there.  I see it as basically a really cool survival game.  You get on the right side of the tracks, and you now are actually working with what some people would call magic.  Its not. It’s just you’re not in the f___ing dark anymore, so you know how to get along a little better, you know?”

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