Meet your teachers: Ashley Gosselin

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Ashley Gosselin, 28,  is more than just a vigorous vinyasa-ing, forearm-balancing teacher at Dancing Crow. She’s also a full-time high school science teacher who three years ago moved from Miami with her longtime boyfriend because, she said, she “missed the seasons.”

A Templeton, Mass., native, Ashley moved to Miami to study microbiology at the University of Miami. She now teaches both environmental science and botany at a local high school.

She started practicing yoga at Miami’s Green Monkey studios, which is also where she met her boyfriend, Max. She chose as her first class a level 2/3 Ashtanga class, and when she walked out early due to its intensity, the teacher followed her and berated her, as the teacher considered leaving disrespectful to the Ashtanga practice.

Rather than being scared away, Ashley determined to keep going and eventually started teaching for the studio. Ashtanga remains her preferred yoga style and she revels in its intensity.

When Ashley first came back to her home state, she taught elsewhere but since coming to Dancing Crow, she has found a home for her teaching.

“I like that the studio is really focused on alignment, and I was allowed to bring more diversity to my teaching practice,” she said.

Ashley said one of her favorite parts of teaching yoga is “watching people succeed at postures that they didn’t think they’d ever be able to do.”  That’s one of the reasons she started the twice-monthly Arm Balance and Inversion Club, which meets on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at 5:15 pm.

“People want to be able to do the more enhanced poses but it’s hard to break it down and teach it in class,” she said. “[The club] gives people the opportunity to learn the postures from the ground up and not be exhausted.”

A couple months ago, Ashley went to the annual Burning Man event where she taught free blacklight yoga to some of the other 50,000 free spirits who converged in the temporary, self-sustaining “city” for a week of complete free personal and artistic expression in the Nevada desert.

Besides her teaching gigs, Ashley has a third job. Last year, her parents opened an oyster farm in Plymouth. The Saquish Oyster Company is a wholesale oyster supplier to restaurants, and was made possible when the town of Plymouth opened a sand bar for the sole purpose of leasing the land for oyster farming.

In preparation for the company’s first ever oyster harvest scheduled for early November, Ashley once per week worked her parents’ oyster flats, picking up huge and heavy bags of oysters to shake and clean them.

Although she wakes up at 5 am to teach high school kids every day, Ashley also teaches two weeknight classes: Vigorous Vinyasa on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm plus the Arm Balance and Inversion Club on twice a month.  Ashley said all levels are welcome to the club because she can make variations and adjust for all levels.


Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Book: Dune
Favorite Movie: MirrorMask
Favorite musician: Sphongle
Favorite Song: Around the World in a Tea Daze
Other Hobbies: Crafting

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