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Hi yogis,
I thought you might like to see this article, because it speaks to my heart! 

You try to mask your vulnerability, but at some point it’s sure to get the better of you. Then what do you do?

By Sally Kempton

Dan does not like to think of himself as vulnerable. He’s a surgeon, a person who faces life and death every day. He started yoga and meditation as part of a stress-control program, and he loves the practice. But recently he’s been noticing a big shift in his perspective: The people on his operating table have stopped looking like abstractions, or collections of organs. Instead, he’s been feeling tenderness, a recognition of their pain and fear. “These people look so…vulnerable,” he told me. “It makes me feel all soft and raw.” He stopped for a moment, and I saw tears in his eyes. “I have to say it: I feel so open that it almost hurts sometimes.”


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  1. Deborah Lynch-Roden says:

    Thanks Fay, I needed to read that. I have been feeling so vulnerable and open in some of the classes. It was overwhelming at times. The chakras are opening for sure! Thank you.

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