Yogi gift list

Here are some gift ideas to stretch the smile muscles on your favorite yogi’s face.  Beginning with the ascetic’s budget, and working our way up.

How about you…what’s on your yoga gift list this holiday season???

Tara Healing Incense

a box of incense for practice-time
Fay recommends Tara Healing or Kyoto Moon

$10 cotton yoga straps
8′ cotton yoga strap
Available from you-know-where :>)

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

Stephen Cope’s Yoga and the Quest for the True Self
an easy, accessible and illuminating read about the experience of yoga

cork yoga blocks

Eco-friendly renewable cork yoga blocks
Available in a crow’s nest near you

Original Small Sapphire Blue YogaToes

Yoga Toes
Fay’s recommended home pinky spa. Helps cure hammer toes, sore feet.

Yoga Wear from SATYA or Be Present available in Fay’s green yoga boutique

$109.95The Digital Zen Alarm Clock
Meditation timer
This wooden one has been a standby at Mid’s and Fay’s house for years. Quiet, reliable, and beautiful.


  1. Cheryl Dunlap says:

    I love your ideas…and I think a 12-pack of inspirational ‘Yoga Bee Cards’ for $32.50 would be a great addition to the gift list!

  2. James says:

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