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with Eric Oddleifson

Sep 9
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
$5 donation 

My friend, Eric Oddleifson [Arya] from Hingham follows the path of bhakti yoga and would like to share his passion. Come join us for a Kirtan to sing and express the Divine within. Kirtan is a devotional singing that features a call and response between the Kirtankar, Arya, and the participants. The words are generally simple and as the names of the Divine are sung again and again, they lead us inward to our joyful heart. Come celebrate the strength of joining of our voices together.

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Laying Vishuddha Bare: Opening and Honoring the Throat as an Energetic Center
with Kate Greer

Sat, Sep 15
2:30 to 5:00 pm
$35, early bird $30 if registered before Sep 9.

Pre-registration encouraged!

Vishuddha Chakra, or the throat center, has great significance not only in our yoga practice but also in our everyday lives. It is our center of communication, one of our primary ways to connect with others and to honor ourselves. It is also an area where we often have blockages, both the things we need to say but don't, and also impediments in the movement of Prana through the body. In asana, the neck frequently holds unconscious tension and breaks the energetic line of the pose. In this unique workshop, Kate will offer how the alignment of the neck is a powerful tool in a range of poses from inversions to backbends to the most common poses of sun salutations. We will close our afternoon with a meditation honoring the throat, our center of expression, and the importance of both steadfastness and vulnerability in that center.

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Asana as Devotion: Fueling the Fire of Practice
with Marc St Pierre

Saturday,  Apr 28
1:30 – 4:30 pm
$50, early bird $45 if paid by Apr 22

How can we give our best? How might we find that extra ingredient to take us higher and deeper? Devotion is the fuel to keep our practice alive and meaningful. It supports us to be more willing to move beyond our mental limitations that can manifest in the body.
Come explore all aspects of asana from standing poses and twists, hip openers and backbends all marinated in the ocean of devotion. This will support your practice and your life.

Marc is a Certified Anusara teacher who gives workshops nationally and internationally.

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Fundraiser for Cancer Research All Levels Class
with Nikki Jacobs and Kate Krumsiek

Sat, June 23
11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Suggested donation:  $20


Bring the battle against cancer to your mat! Cancer touches each one of us. Whether it is a personal physical struggle or the health of one dear to us, we each witness the battle and the many scars left behind. Join two of Dancing Crow Yoga’s lead teachers, Nikki Jacobs and Kate Krumsiek as they celebrate the power of“seva” the yoga practice of selfless service, by co-teaching an all-levels yoga class to raise money in the fight against cancer. Suggested donation of $20.00 All funds raised will go directly to Mass General Hospital Lymphoma Research.

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“Yoga Is” Boston Area Premiere!

Fri Jan 27 

7:30 pm– 9:00  pm

$7 Admission fee

Follow filmmaker Suzanne Bryant as she meets with the most prominent Yoga Gurus and teachers in the west and travels to India to explore the power of this ancient practice.

This is the story of a woman who thought she had it all ...until she lost her beloved mother to cancer. Trying to process and understand her profound grief, Suzanne embarked on a journey and turned to a deeper practice of yoga.

Suzanne's journey first led her to a transformative visit to India. Inspired by her experience, she returned to the U.S. to explore what yoga means to the West. Suzanne met with the most prominent western Yoga Gurus and teachers as well as celebrity yoga devotees, in search for the answers that unite them and all of us. What she found was something wonderful: a path that can enable anyone to transform suffering and experience daily peace and happiness.

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Core Matters
with Kate Krumsiek

Sat Feb 4

1:00pm – 3:30pm

Pre-registration requested.

$40, early bird $35 if paid by Jan 29  

Mastering the art of moving from your strong center. Moving from your center is truly an art form - on the yoga mat and off. When you are in touch with your core, you move with thoughtful intention that stems from an internal urge, allowing you to be your most authentic self. In this workshop, asanas that fire up the energy at the belly will be practiced mindfully to heat the body internally and ignite a connection of mind, body and spirit. Come alive as we explore lines of energy that first pull into your center and then radiate outward to fuel not only strong postures but also a firm commitment to move from the very core of goodness carried within each of us.

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Valentines Day Couples Workshop
with Kim Dwyer

Sat, Feb 11th

4:00 to 6:00 pm

$40 per couple

Bring your Valentine-- for Couples, Lovers and Friends. This partner yoga class is perfect to deepen your connection to each other through yoga postures that lengthen the body in order to release whatever comes up. We will learn to support each other with breach work, balance, supported postures and dialogue. This has been such a great workshop in the past with many of the non-yoga spouses starting a practice. What a great way to spend time with the one you love. Just the the beginning of a delicious date night. Surprise your partner with a mystery afternoon and finish off with an evening together, relaxed and renewed.

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Mindful Vinyasa: An Anusara All-Levels Workshop
with Nikki Jacobs

Sat Mar 3

11am – 1:30pm

$40, early bird $35 if paid by Feb 26

How do we stay solid in our connection to our true selves but be open enough to pulse with the natural cycles of life?

This workshop will offer you the tools to cultivate the balance between strength/stability and freedom of movement in each asana. We will focus on the connection between breath and movement. When we learn to draw into the strength of our true selves, we ultimately gain the ability to offer back more fully and flow with the pulsations of grace.

Read about Nikki.

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Yoga for Peri-Menopause and Menopause
with Stacey Urdang, Certified Yoga Therapist.

Sat, Mar 17

11:00am – 1:30pm

$35, early bird $30 if paid by Mar 11

A workshop for women at the beginning or in the midst of hormone changes known as peri-menopause and menopause.  These hormone shifts can rearrange you, body and mind AND can drive you to distraction causing irritiability, hot flashes, memory losses, fatigue and other changes.  Let the wisdom of Yoga bring you some balance and peace.   In this workshop, you will learn restorative yoga poses and breath techniques to guide you across the bridge into the next phase of your life.

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Somatics for Torso, Back, Neck and Shoulders
with John Loupos

Sat Mar 10

1:00pm – 2:30pm  


$30 if taken with T’ai Chi

Early bird $5 discount if paid by Mar 4

The simple movement patterns of Somatics will help you undo the effects of sensorimotor amnesia (SMA) by restoring voluntary control to your body’s neuromuscular system so that you can enjoy freedom from pain and experience more comfortable movement throughout your body. If you suffer from headaches, neck or shoulder pain, back pain, insomnia, or discomforts often (mis)associated with the aging process Somatics can help. Somatics is smart exercise that actually feels good for you. Somatics is non-competitive & non-jarring... exercise that leaves you better off than before...

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"We live in an age of unparalledled prosperity and anxiety...We need a salve that would put us in touch with our spirit and Yoga does precisely that." – SUBHASH KAK, PHD.