Healing Flow – Stability and Mobility in the Shoulders
with Amy Leydon

This event has passed.

Yoga is a practice that is designed for all to enjoy. You do not need to be super strong or super bendy to reap the rewards. The healing practice of yoga can help keep you feeling young, alive, and mobile for the rest of your life! When we take our ego out of the practice and use our practice to heal the mind and body, we see how this can benefit all unique bodies and all personality types.

This workshop will focus on the shoulder girdle and surrounding areas. Through Amy’s fluid, strong class we will work with the body’s natural movement to find the balance between stability and mobility. ¬†Rediscover “basic poses” like plank and down dog and work on more advanced postures like wheel and handstand. Energetically the shoulders encompass the 4th (heart) and 5th (throat)chakras. These chakras deal with love, communication, and authenticity. ¬†Finding balance in these areas can open us up to so many new possibilities.

We will end the class with a restorative focus. Through intention and breath work, we will calm the nervous system and find further release through the connective tissue in our bodies.¬†This workshop is great for anyone who experiences neck and/or back pain, suffers from headaches, or just feels “stuck” in their practice.

See how a strong and supple practice can restore balance in the body and leave you feeling more mobile and pain free.

Amy Leydon teaches a slow flow style of Vinyasa yoga set to beautiful music. Her music is not just in the background but becomes part of the flow, inspiring students to move in a fluid and supple way. She encourages her students to notice what is happening in their minds and bodies as they move and to take what they learn into their daily lives. She credits much of her teachings to Barbara Benagh, Shiva Rea, Simone Linder, and Tom Myers.

Amy is a certified yoga teacher with 10 years of teaching experience and was awarded Boston’s Best Yoga Teacher by Boston Magazine. She is also a Postural/Movement Analyst certified by Tom Myers and, through this work, can help students to restore balance in their physical and emotional bodies.

  1. Deb Diorio says:

    It was a great class for me to know the muscles in my shoulders to use, positioning of my ribs, and other postures.

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