Anusara Yoga for a Healthy Back
with Nikki Jacobs

This event has passed.

So much of our day is spent at desks, in cars, in front of computers or TV. All this time spent sitting can lead to a sore or stiff back. Yoga, done with proper alignment, has the power to relieve minor back pain and stiffness.

This workshop will encompass a gentle practice of standing and seated poses. Nikki will give alignment instructions and hands on adjustment demonstrations to guide you through a series of therapeutic yoga postures that will increase circulation, ease pressure, relieve tightness and improve your posture.

This workshop is for those who feel discomfort in their backs during yoga practice, for yoga instructors who have students with back pain or for those just interested in improving their posture!

Beginners welcome!

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  1. Jim Wilson says:

    Hello, I have no experience with yoga other than the positive feed back I get at my place of employment. Interested in the Anusara form that will be offered 1/7 with Nikki Jacobs. How do we get signed up and started.

    • Mid Walsh says:

      Hi Jim it’s Mid, the co-owner of the studio. You should be able to sign up by clicking the “click here to register” button next to the photograph at the top of this page. If that’s a problem, please leave me a comment here and I’ll register you from here.

      As a way to get started in yoga you might also be interested in the introductory series of four classes I’ll be offering beginning on January 14th. This will consist of an overview of yoga in the many forms it takes in the states today, accompanied by a methodical introduction to the basic poses.

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