Thanks for the Complement! Adding Yoga to Your Other Forms of Exercise

One meaning of the word “yoga” is “integration”  and yoga poses are extremely effective when combined with conventional exercise in integrated platform for health. Here are some surprising observations….

The first video below makes a surprising assertion about how much exercise we actually need (hint: it’s less than you think).

After that is an interview with members of the Philadelphia Sixers. About as fit as a person can be, these guys use yoga to put retro-burners on their training program, in ways that may surprise you (savasana, anyone?)

Also, you may enjoy this brief and factual article discusses calorie-burning in yoga, which explains why doing yoga in a hot room may not burn as many calories as you think it does.

And whatever your approach to yoga, please take the wise advice in this news video featuring a studio in Dallas…. Respect your limits!



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