Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

This class integrates alignment of posture, attention to breathing and transitions between postures, and deep release of connective tissues. Fay will guide you from one pose to another in a flowing sequence yoga postures pausing at times to hold and explore alignment, lines of energy and deep body awareness. This allows you to ease safely through the postures while maintaining a deep awareness of the breath and your internal experience.  This class is inspired by the precision and care of Iyengar Yoga while incorporating the movement and heat building of Ashtanga Yoga as well as the therapeutic focus of Viniyoga™.   Through flowing practice, heat is naturally and safely created within the body to warm, soothe, heal and strengthen from the inside out.

Restorative Yoga

This class is designed to calm the nervous system and induce the relaxation response. The focus is on relaxing and opening the body in restful postures with the use of soft props. This is not sleep, but deep rest that provides the body an opportunity to renew and to heal. Numerous studies have proven the physical and emotional benefits of triggering the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). This is beneficial for a strong immune response, lowered heart rate and blood pressure and balancing the body’s response system. It is believed that when the PNS is under-active, the body is more susceptible to illness.

Private Yoga Sessions

There are times when you may want to schedule private sessions of yoga for yourself to work in a concentrated manner one-on-one. This is especially effective when you are working with an injury or limitation so you can learn to adapt postures when you are attending public classes.  Perhaps you want to learn a specific posture or work on opening a particular area of the body or you need advice and support in developing your home practice.   How about a private yoga class with a group of your friends, with your networking group or with colleagues?  Call us at the studio to schedule a private session.

"There are many ways of practicing yoga, and gradually the interest in one path will lead to another." – T.K.V. DESIKACHAR

Class Levels

Foundation – These classes are designed for students with little to no exposure to yoga and for those returning to a yoga practice after a break or injury or for those wanting a slower more basic class.

Students will learn basic yoga postures (asanas), focusing on body awareness, correct alignment. transitions and breathing in order to develop strength, stamina and mental focus. Modifications and props will be provided, and yoga as a holistic system for increasing well-being will be introduced.

Level One/Two – These classes are for those who are familiar with traditional asanas and will introduce more varied postures, breathing techniques and yogic philosophy with intricate alignment instructions.  For practitioners of at least one year.  Students will develop strength for inversions, back-bends and arm balances as well as increase mental focus and concentration.  Classes include discussion of yoga as a holistic system for increasing well-being.

Level Two/Three – Deepen your practice. These classes will contain consistent practice of deep back-bends, inversions, arm balances and challenging variations while honing deep concentration, including pranayama and more subtle perception of the body-mind. Classes include discussion of yoga philosophy.