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Great article on the cons (and prose) of hot yoga

This article summarizes some of the research on stretching in a heated room, presenting the research and philosophy in support  staying cool, and it’s followed by an (ahem) heated discussion!    

Doug Keller

Doug Keller is a yogi treasure. Formerly a senior Anusara teacher, he continued his research into yoga as a therapy for injury and now offers Yoga as Therapy workshops throughout the country. He writes wonderful articles about yoga and has … Continue reading

Erich Schiffman essay

Why Yoga? I love this essay by Erich Schiffman. What he says here about the benefits of yoga distill the essence of why I continue to practice.

Great YJ article!!!

Hi yogis, I thought you might like to see this article, because it speaks to my heart!  Love, Fay You try to mask your vulnerability, but at some point it’s sure to get the better of you. Then what do … Continue reading