Why do yoga workshops outside a regular class? Why study with different yoga teachers?

Kate Krumsiek I continue to be hungry for knowledge about the human body – in asana, in stillness, in life – and I love nothing more than the gift of a talented teacher’s knowledge provided in a workshop. It is … Continue reading

Reflections on (and of) a foreign word

We must be back in Sunday school. I’m sitting on my blanket on the floor, obediently falling silent and closing my eyes when the teacher instructs me to. I intone quietly along with my classmates and wait for the calm … Continue reading

A Yoga Sutras Makeover

I love Patanjali‘s Yoga Sutras; I have almost as many editions as I do fingers and toes. When I heard there was a new translation and commentary of course I had to grab a copy. I’ve just finished Threads of Yoga: A Remix … Continue reading

Yogi gift list

Here are some gift ideas to stretch the smile muscles on your favorite yogi’s face.  Beginning with the ascetic’s budget, and working our way up. How about you…what’s on your yoga gift list this holiday season??? $5 a box of … Continue reading

5 Minute Calming Pose with Kim (video)

Stress getting to you? Try five minutes in this pose, and you may feel like a new person…

61 Points Meditation (audio)

Mid’s voice guides you through a deeply calming meditation.  It’s a classic meditation technique – easy to learn, and you can take it with you wherever you go.  After a  preparatory explanation, the actual meditation begins at 2:09, two minutes … Continue reading

Effort, Ease, and Grace

My two favorite extra-curricular activities are trying to teach me something lately, and I have the feeling their lesson may apply elsewhere in my life. At about this time last year I began playing music with a couple of friends … Continue reading

Can Savasana Get Any Better?

Follow these three alignment tips to make this easiest-of-all poses even more restful.

A Snapshot of What We’re All Doing

21st Century Yoga brings into a single volume ten fresh and unique essays from modern American yoga practitioners.  To someone who does yoga the facts in the essays are  as invigorating and familiar as tadasana.  But like asanas, these essays … Continue reading

My perfect afternoon…

A few Sundays ago I saw the Dalai Lama speak in Boston. What a surprise!!! I had never seen him before, but based on what I had read I expected it to be inspirational, a real tune-up for the soul.  … Continue reading