Mid’s thoughts

Reflection on Truthfulness

This is the second  in our series of poems and reflections on the ten ethical principals of yoga. Satya, or truthfulness, is the second principal of yoga. Dover Beach Matthew Arnold The sea is calm to-night. The tide is full, … Continue reading

Yogananda and Anne Hathaway: yogic philosophy infuses pop culture on the big screen

A new documentary film has come out about Paramahansa Yogananda, the first Indian yogi to set up residence in the United States. Fay and Mid saw it recently and enjoyed watching the movie so much that they decided to stay and see … Continue reading

Reflections on (and of) a foreign word

We must be back in Sunday school. I’m sitting on my blanket on the floor, obediently falling silent and closing my eyes when the teacher instructs me to. I intone quietly along with my classmates and wait for the calm … Continue reading

The Heart’s Mirror by Mid Walsh

Maitri-karuna-mudito-peksanam Sukha-duhka-punyapunya Visayanam bhavantah-citta-prasadanam. Accept any needs; see joy and be glad; Welcome good deeds; disregard bad. Thus will the mind grow tranquil. -Yoga Sutras I:33 I love this verse in the Yoga Sutras.  It is the perfect Altoid for … Continue reading


Non-harming is the first practice on the list, a sign at the outer perimeter of the territory of the first ten practices of yoga.  “Entering Non-harming Population: TBD” The countryside is initially familiar, with little to distinguish it from the … Continue reading

Having Fiery Energy

I prefer not to define this principle in the conventional way as zeal or discipline, mainly because I don’t aspire to be a zealot or disciplinarian.  I like the term “fiery energy”; it is close to the Sanskrit roots and … Continue reading


Last year I studied a book containing a dozen side-by-side translations of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, looking for differences and common threads. Among the scores of verses I studied in this way, the one on devotion had the most diverse translations. … Continue reading

Self Study

When I was a young man I had the recurring feeling of being dissociated from my body.  Everything around me had a sense of unreality; I felt as though my Self was the only thing that truly existed.  This was … Continue reading


To a fault, it has always come more or less naturally to me to tell the truth.  Earlier in my career I nearly lost my job by guilelessly telling the truth in a delicate political situation.  My friends called this … Continue reading

Self Restraint

Brahmacharya is traditionally translated as “sexual continence” or “abstinence.” The word also refers to adolescence – in the culture where the ten practices originated, it was traditional for people to enter school and undertake religious studies during the period of … Continue reading