Can Savasana Get Any Better?

Follow these three alignment tips to make this easiest-of-all poses even more restful.

A Snapshot of What We’re All Doing

21st Century Yoga brings into a single volume ten fresh and unique essays from modern American yoga practitioners.  To someone who does yoga the facts in the essays are  as invigorating and familiar as tadasana.  But like asanas, these essays … Continue reading

My perfect afternoon…

A few Sundays ago I saw the Dalai Lama speak in Boston. What a surprise!!! I had never seen him before, but based on what I had read I expected it to be inspirational, a real tune-up for the soul.  … Continue reading

What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

What obstacles prevent you from getting the most out of your yoga practice?  We asked our teachers what restrictions they most often see in their students. Some of their answers may surprise you. (Hint: it’s not about getting the pose … Continue reading

The Heart’s Mirror by Mid Walsh

Maitri-karuna-mudito-peksanam Sukha-duhka-punyapunya Visayanam bhavantah-citta-prasadanam. Accept any needs; see joy and be glad; Welcome good deeds; disregard bad. Thus will the mind grow tranquil. -Yoga Sutras I:33 I love this verse in the Yoga Sutras.  It is the perfect Altoid for … Continue reading

Restorative yoga at Dancing Crow (video)

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