This is your brain on yoga

Source: iStockphoto BKS Iyengar wasn’t the last giant to throw light onyoga. Western science does it almost every day, and yoga reflects light back in the other direction. In this two-way outburst of light, we can see new landmarks in the territories … Continue reading

How to do asanas with the power of a horse

Amy H. Kay Chewing my cud in the world religions section of the library a couple of decades ago, I stopped and tasted a poem that said the cosmos was really a horse of infinite size. I’ve never forgotten it, … Continue reading

The unseen benefits of headstand

“In my youth, Father William replied to his son, I feared it would injure the brain…” Alice in Wonderland Like Father William, I like to stand on my head more and more as I get older.  So much so that I … Continue reading

Confessions of a tin man

One of my favorite moments in the  Wizard of Oz is at the end, where the guy with a kettle for a chest finally gets a heart to put in it. Move over Tin Man, I’m next in line. Confessions … Continue reading

A postcard from the Katha Upanishads

Upanishadic manuscript (   I’ve just driven by the ruins of an ancient and sacred place. I had never been there before, and they are so beautiful that I’d like to show you a picture of them. This isn’t a … Continue reading

Gift certificates      Holiday specials     What’s in our retail boutique


Greetings, South Shore Living reader! Welcome to Dancing Crow Yoga, the hidden sanctuary of yoga in the Derby Street Shoppes. We invite you to browse around in our website.  Our schedule, events listing, and teacher bios are all here at … Continue reading