Meditation: Teachers’ reflections on their practices

It’s no secret that meditation can dramatically change your life.  People have known for millennia and those who have committed to the practice can attest to its benefits in all areas of daily life. Scientific studies are now proving this and … Continue reading

Why do yoga workshops outside a regular class? Why study with different yoga teachers?

Kate Krumsiek I continue to be hungry for knowledge about the human body – in asana, in stillness, in life – and I love nothing more than the gift of a talented teacher’s knowledge provided in a workshop. It is … Continue reading

Christmas greetings

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Why I love my yoga teacher

Last week I attended a week-long yoga retreat led by Patricia Walden.   Now, in the glow of my return, I’m pondering the qualities that draw me back week after week to this special teacher. Here’s the countdown of my reasons.   You … Continue reading

Duhkha and Sukha: A Rhyme and Whales at the Heart

Patanjali put a neat rhyme in the middle of the Sutras about the klesas. Sukha anusayi ragah Duhkha anusayi dvesah Pleasure may invite desire; Aversion lights pain on fire – The Yoga Sutras II The mirror-words for pain and pleasure, duhkha and sukha, at the root of … Continue reading

Flat Tire: Can Yoga repair a Deflated Heart?

Source: Recently I asked someone I’m close to for help with a challenging and persistent problem.  She thought about it for a few weeks and then turned me down. You know, I had been riding along OK up this … Continue reading

If Shakespeare had been a yogi he wouldn’t have written Hamlet

  “To be and not to be, that is the question.  Shanti, shanti, om.  – Bill S.” (inscribed on monastery cell wall outside London, c 1600 C.E.)   The literary critics tell us Shakespeare was the father of modern western consciousness.  They … Continue reading

Don’t let your Anger Boil Over

Do things go better when you put your attention elsewhere? That’s what I learned growing up. Water boils faster when you don’t look at the pot, things are more visible in the dark if you look off to the side; … Continue reading

Why Yogis Breathe through the Nose

Oh, NO! Photo: Want to know some of the science behind all the breathing-through-the-nose business in yoga? The answer is no! Yes, it’s nitric oxide (NO), a wonder-chemical your sinuses produce during nasal breathing, breath retention, and humming. Say “ommmmm;”  the buzzing … Continue reading

Finally, a (great) book on the yamas and niyamas

For me most of the classical commentaries on the yamas and niyamas read like a shot of vodka.  They’re pure and quick, and when I’m done I’m not sure what hit me. Then there’s the Shirley Temple experience of reading … Continue reading