What ails you?


If you’re among the millions of women in the U.S. with fibromyalgia, yoga may offer hope for relief.  Here’s an article by an MD which summarizes several research reports and offers guidelines for fibromyalgia sufferers to practice yoga.   Women suffering from insomnia during menopause  may be interested to know that yoga has recently been clinically demonstrated to ameliorate that aspect of the change in life.

In more gender-neutral news, here’s an article citing new research on yoga and heart failure, which benefitted participants as well as pointing the way for further research.   Another new study by Yale University demonstrated that meditation reduces activity in the brain area associated with mind-wandering, with potential implications for treatment of ADHD and Alzheimers.

Finally, here’s an article about asthma by Deepak Chopra, in which he points to yoga as an excellent complementary treatment to conventional therapies.  For more information about asthma and yoga, email

The bottom line in all of this is that none of these studies used poses or techniques that you wouldn’t find in many yoga classes on the South Shore.  The trick is to find the class that’s right for you, and to stick with it.  But finding the class that’s right can be a particular problem when we’re suffering from challenges like these.

If you find yourself in this corner of life, talk to one of our certified yoga therapists; they’re trained in the use of yoga to meet challenges like these.  Fay can also help you to find the instructor and class who would fit you best.

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