7 Pointers from Our Teachers: Tadasana

1. The primary alignment goal in Tadasana is balance: the balance of the body upon the earth and against itself; a balance between energy rooting down and expanding upward; and the balance of effort and surrender while in the posture.  …Ann (Read  an inspiring longer tadasana article by Ann here.)

2. To me, tadasana is the full presentation of yourself – as if to say with every muscle, here I stand, features, flaws and all, butattentive, engaged and eager to practice.  It’s saying “ta-da” to your mat and allowing the practice to unfold, perfect for that day, that breath, that moment. …Kate.

3. I think of Tadasana as the one time in my day where I can give myself permission to just stand still. We all know there are 1001 things to think about in this pose but how nice to be able to do it just standing still….Tam

4. One translation of tadasana is “mountain pose,”  and writers often describe mountains as “soaring” or “rising.”  When we lengthen our side bodies, letting the breath fill us, we can extend through the top of the head.  We become an embodiment of the soaring mountain by these acts of grounding and expanding.  We can feel stability through the placement of our feet and legs and a lightness or freedom in our upper body as we expand with each inhale.  With eyes closed, tadasana becomes a standing meditation, with eyes open it can invigorate and renew. Tadasana belongs in the grouping of postures that are essential for the home practice.  Its simplicity can be accommodated almost anywhere, even in a crowded elevator, and it can bring calmness and serenity into any situation. …Mary Alice Holmes (Read more from Mary Alice here.)

5.  One of the things I love about tadasana is like, when else can you just stand there?!  Consciously, just to feel what it feels like to be, in gravity.  It connects me to the Earth. I love that!!! …Fay

6. Tadasana is opportunity to be curious and explore the dynamics and complexity of our bodies without the distraction/difficulty/challenge /possible ego thrill of chasing a shape.  Have you ever closed your eyes and balanced on one bare foot and felt how dynamic and how much action is taking place?  One could spend hours in Tadasana and work on their core…it is an infinite spring of offering.  (If you feel steady and able to close your eyes- imagine your breath as a fish in deep soft water, sensing its way through the ocean of your body. Let it explore…) Laura

7. More than any other asana, tadasana is a pose I take with me when I leave the yoga mat.  Opening the fridge, standing in line at the grocery store, sitting at my desk, the actions of tadasana* in my neck, back, chest, feet, and legs never fail to boost my energy and attitude.  For me mountain pose is the breath mint of asanas.  …Mid

* Click the image below for reminder of the lines of effort and energy  in tadasana.

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks Fay and Mid for the emails with quick tips like on Tadasana. Also, LOVE the Dr Seuss! I just took my nephew to see the Lorax and a quote or two in this list is from that!

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